Thoughts while reading Bady (2012) #edcmooc

For now, for me, a Mooc is an add-on, an interest, an opportunity, not a replacement for HE – if I could afford to do a doctorate I would, but I can’t so I’m moocing, because I enjoy study. For some of my students, moocs are a preparation, slightly above what they can understand or cope with, but equivalent in some ways to doing some background reading before going up to University. One student wants to study medicine, so she has enrolled in Mooc courses in physiology and diagnosis.

Moocs are experimental at present, and Moocers are guinea-pigs – one feels this especially on the EDCMOOC, as the TAs from the MA course in EDC join to observe and contribute to what’s going on. And one imagines that the tutorial staff are gleaning plenty of data from this experience for future research papers ….


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