The Internet as a place of Metaphors #edcmooc


Johnston (2009) explores the metaphors of the Internet. It occurred to me that one reason it seems to abound in metaphor could be the fact that it is perceived as unreal or as a reflection of reality and not a true reality. Observing this disjunction from reality causes us to find ways of making sense of what the Internet is, and so we turn to metaphorical language. The language of the Internet is still evolving, and neologisms are spawned with remarkable speed. My recent favourite is blogject.

The metaphorical nature of the Internet has started me thinking about how producing the artefact at the end of the course could be approached. I had been thinking in very concrete, traditional terms, but I think it needs to be a metaphor in some way. I’m not sure how yet …

I’m convinced that a Powerpoint or any kind of Office-style document is not what elearning orĀ digital cultures is all about.


One thought on “The Internet as a place of Metaphors #edcmooc

  1. That’s a really good point. The Internet is difficult to understand for most people, at best. Metaphors help but also hinder as they restrict people’s understanding of the Internet to one point of view, that of the metaphor.

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