Poetry of Dystopia



I came across this poem during a class I was teaching this morning. My A level students are researching dystopias as part of their coursework assignment, which is in the form of a 3000 word essay, based on 3 texts. One of the girls had found this poem, and it seemed absolutely appropriate to a reading of Bendito Machine and New Media.

I’m including the text as well as the link:

 Tanya Ward · Nov 26, 2012
Dystopian children

We are the people that you created.
A generation going nowhere.
We are the kids that you hate.
Brought up by fear and paranoia.
The technology era,
distinguished by guns and violence.
Raised and spoiled;
aggression and hate the new emotions.
Alienated from each other.
Passion and empathy completely diminished.
A dystopian world,
ruled by liars and thieves.
Pain is coupled with pleasure.
Angst and depression consuming the minds.
Break away from the hate.
Become a better generation.
We are not the nowhere kids.


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